Alex Herbal Green Peel:

green Peel is a biologically based method for skin peeling with exclusively natural plant ingredients that has been successfully proven worldwide for over 50 years. The Green Peel compound contains herbal extracts, algae, minerals, enzymes and vitamins, which begin exfoliating and polishing the upper layers of skin inducing increased regeneration of the skin and activating production of new cells and collagen fibers. At the same times it noticeably increases blood circulation and also improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, while intensifying the skin’s metabolism. Green Peel Comfort Herbal Peeling treatments can be used repeatedly without any harmful side effects on the face, back, stomach, upper arms and thighs.

Herbal Green Peel is used fro treatment of:

  • Acne correction, coarse complexion
  • Prematurely aged skin, skin with poor circulation
  • Sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, age spot/freckles
  • Scar revision, stretch marks
  • Hyper pigmentation
  • Loss of elasticity on upper arms, thighs and stomach
  • General rejuvenation and regeneration of skin

$500 with home care and 1 follow up treatment (after 5 days)

$120 Herbal Vital

$90 Swiss Glycolic Peel