Ultrasound Cellulite Therapy for Smooth Skin and Body Shaping Results. When thigh cellulite builds up, reduce uneven rough dimpling skin with state of art ultrasound cellulite reduction treatment professionally administered. Learn about body contouring benefits of ultrasound fat removal.

Ultrasound Creates A Smoother Skin Results. Delivering Controlled Energy Against Body Fat Cell. Ultrasound „light energy“ delivers a carefully-controlled measure of light energy below your skin surface where your thigh cellulite fat cells are doing their lumpy damage to your upper skin surface look. These thigh fat cells rapidly absorb the ultrasound energy, increasing cell interior temperatures by perhaps 5 degrees or more… just enough to break-down the cell membrane just enough to release the stored cellular fat for natural body elimination.

thermage_la_b2Ultrasound Benefit – Safety and Low Impact. No scalpels, no anesthetic necessary. All you feel is a strange noise and a slight warming, below the surface. No down times, No bruising, swelling or pain.

Ultrasound Treatment Plans For Body Contouring Success. Realistically, you’ll need 6 – 12 plus treatments in any one large area such as extended thigh cellulite deposits in order to show results. And then hold those results with follow-on treatments. Cellulite reduction treatment cost vary by the shape and size of your body. The total volume and surface area of accumulated body fat

  • Cellulaze-before-580548-631429
  • For 1 treatment of 60 min    for    $80.00
  • 6-12 sessions is recommended for lasting results.